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Screen display priority?


When there isn't a meeting, digital signage should be playing. But often, the background image for zoom rooms, found under profile, is actually on the screen. I would assume that the background image was for when digital content is not playing and there is no meeting happening. What is its purpose?


If I go into the individual ZR, under its profile is "Picture". It's not the avatar. But given that it's not an account default, it does seem specific to that room. 


I'm really confused about what shows up and when during times the room is not in use. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @tterrill 


When not in use for meetings, sharing, or audio calling, the Zoom Room can manifest one of two functions:


1. Digital Signage Mode: this is by default configured to begin several minutes after the end of a meeting event and to stop again several minutes before scheduled meetings.  If you would prefer that this instantly return to signage content, simply set the wait time to 0 in the Zoom Rooms Admin Portal under Settings > Digital Signage > Display Period > 'Start displaying content X min after a meeting ends' and 'Stop displaying content X min before a meeting is scheduled to begin'

2. The waiting screen: this would show the wallpaper and also the upcoming event calendar if configured to do so.  If you want to change this background, you can do so in the Zoom Room Admin Portal under Settings > Profile > Setup > 'Background image for Zoom Rooms'.  This can be set at any level from globally down to a single room.


As you highlighted, there is also a 'Room Avatar' at the individual room level.  This is used in the meeting as a profile picture when the ZR is on a meeting but their video is off.




Hopefully this has been helpful.  Please remember to mark solution as accepted if this is the information you needed!



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