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Possible to configure specific meetings to only allow H.323/SIP devices unless a host allows in?


On our campus, we have the Zoom tool enabled in Canvas primarily for cloud recording access for students. The tool also has a Join Meeting button, but we want to prevent students from joining from that (or any way). Instead, they would use our classroom Polycom-based rooms. We are currently running the Enhanced Room Connector for these, and also have a handful of Zoom Rooms on our license.

The optimal situation would be that room systems are allowed to join the meeting, but only hosts can join via desktop/mobile client. Hosts could then admit desktop/mobile clients into the meeting for unique circumstances such as guest speakers or their wireless screen sharing.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? The hope was the new option to allow managed devices to bypass the waiting room would do the trick, but that is only possible if you also allow all users in your account to bypass. Thus only guest accounts are held in the waiting room.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.



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