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Multiple Zoom Room Meetings Using a Single Licensed User Account



We have licensed four Zoom rooms and would like each room to serve as its own Host, apart from the scheduler's Zoom account.  We were told by a Zoom technician that each Zoom Room, if integrated to a Google calendar, could serve as its own host apart from the scheduler's account. As proof, he noted how the Google Calendar email is shown on the Zoom Room Controller as the host instead of the scheduler's account email. When we try to use more than one Zoom Room, however, we get a message saying the host is in another meeting.  Again, the meetings for each Zoom Room are scheduled using different Google calendar emails integrated to each specific Zoom room. Everything else works fine. We just can't have two meetings at the same time, though we have four Zoom rooms with each integrated to a different Google Calendar email.


Essentially, we have four Zoom Rooms, integrated to four different Google calendars, but get a message "the host is in another meeting" whenever we try to start more than one meeting. How can we schedule a meeting in each room and have the Room be its own Host, allowing us to have multiple Zoom Room meetings?



My guess is in your use case you are having someone schedule the meetings from their zoom account instead of the room themselves so you are effectivly scheduling meetings under 1 or 2 pro accounts.  Im not too familiar with what can be done in google calendars but in office 365 you would need a full mailbox license to send invites from the room then that mailbox with calendar would be set with delegation privilege's to all accounts.  The user would schedule in the shared room calendar and add themselves(the scheduler) as an attendee rather than add the room to the schedulers invite.