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How can I end a meeting on ZoomRooms when there is no other user


Hi 🙂


On our previuos meetings (that were started for the zoomroom account or the zoomrooms account was invited) once every other user left the meeeting, the ZoomRoom continued the meeting by itself. Of cource it kept filming the room and the microphone worked.


How can I set a timer so whenever the zoomrooms alone in a meeting it will end it ?




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi @LiavA 

You can use 

"Automatically Start and Stop Scheduled Meetings in Zoom Rooms" 


Please see here for your reference : 



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Hi @Nafi !


First of all thanks!


I need it to end\leave the meeting even if the meeting isn't scheduled.

If I invite users or another user invite the zoomroom and after a while only the zoomroom stays in it.


If you have access to the Dashboard you can end meetings there, we get some every now and then that user have scheduled and then left without ending the meeting so I will go in and open the meeting in the dashboard and end it from there.

Also, you should be able to get to the virtual panel in the Portal and end meetings using it.

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Zoom Moderator

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Hello! We have a similar issue, where users will join a Zoom meeting (or start one up) from a Zoom Room and then forget to hit End or Leave when they leave the room. So the room sits there, idling, running up an hours-long meeting in the portal. I'm not willing to end the session remotely just in case there's some reason why users are keeping the room open, but I'm also not always on site to check on the room personally and end the meeting.

Is there no way to have the room automatically close itself if it's in a solo meeting for X number of minutes? We don't have calendar integration yet, so that's not an option, and there are so many walk-up meetings that it wouldn't be the right fix, anyway.