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Consumer Android Room Control App not connecting permanently


I've installed latest downloadable app for Android to an android touch panel and I can connect it to the zoom room using the pairing code after I log in to zoom. But this Android panel should not require users to log in. We need the panel to connect with the pairing code.
I log in to zoom with admin account and when I try to choose a location, there is an error similar to "Version 5.4... cannot select..." or similar.
This is unexpected since the running app version is more like 10.17...
Is there a reason the downloadable app will not allow permanent pairing like by entering the key for the room rather than the pairing code?
In the past I linked an iPad to the room and it remained regisered all the time.
I wondered if there is a flag to launch the controller in a mode that is not user dependent on the android tablets.
Thanks for any advice.