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Zoom/Salesforce 'Automatically Call' feature not working

'Automatically Call feature has not been enabled for this account' error popping up when user tries to end a Zoom call via Salesforce. He can end the call in the Zoom app, but not via Zoom keypad in Salesforce.  Zoom 'Automatically Call' feature is enabled and confirmed by Zoom admin.  If the box is checked, why would the user still be receiving this error? 
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Bit of a thread resurrection, but this will help someone in the future, i am sure.
The reason for this confusing message is that the Zoom master account does not have 'Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps' enabled. It is a Zoom account toggle setting.

Here is more detail: (search on this page for Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps)

Account Management>Account Settings>Zoom Phone

When you are in the correct section, you will be able to find the text below.

Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps

Allow users to perform call control actions from authorized Zoom Marketplace apps.