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Meetings and phone systems


I'm having a problem in an organization I volunteer with. I am working on a helpline, so I'm taking a call on Zoom and then, if I need to speak to a supervisor, I have to put the call on hold and go into a Zoom meeting through a separate link. I appear to be unable to do that. However, next time I try to go on Zoom (once I'm off the phone) I'm told I'm already in another meeting, but I can't see this other meeting and (apparently) they can't see me. Nobody else at the organization has this problem. I seem to be the only AppleMac user (specifically MacBook Air with Chrome) but I don't think the problem is intrinsic to the equipment as I have been able to do this when listening in on a call with someone else which they have put on hold.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Once you are on the call and put the user on hold, can you open a Chrome browser in incognito mode? The Zoom meetings app should open regardless if you are on a call or not. This works for me no issue.

Thanks - I wouldn't have thought Incognito mode would work for me, because I need to be identifiable as part of my organization or I won't have their link to the special Zoom room. However, I'll mention your suggestion to the tech support team there (who've so far drawn a blank) and see what they say.  Thanks again for taking the time to reply.