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zoom freezing




Lately when I'm on zoom one of the participants video freezes and I can't get it to unfreeze.  I have good broadband speed.  I would like to have this fixed for an important interview on Friday am please.  Any suggestions?



I am having the same issue and am looking for a more permanent solution. But I can get around this temporarily by clicking on speaker and then back to gallery, which seems to work, but just for a few minutes before it freezes again.


fyi, I just heard back from Zoom support (they were surprisingly responsive on a Sunday). Below is their response which I did but haven't tested to see if it works....


Thank you for contacting Zoom Support! I understand you have concerns about Zoom video freezes. Let me assist you.

I will suggest you uninstall and reinstall your Zoom application. Currently, we have Version 5.7.6 (1055). You can follow the instruction here: Then download the 64-bit client on this link:



Then try to run a test meeting if you still have the same issue. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Hi Bob,


thank you so much for ur response. Great to hear back from zoom support. 

I will apply the steps outlined and test out a meeting. 

let me know how it works on your end. 

Much appreciated and I’m grateful you got in touch 


best of luck resolving your zoom freeze and returning to a freeze free zoom

experience !


I have an interview Friday and hope it’s back to normal by then. 



I was having the same problem. I deleted and reloaded zoom and it starting working.

Good to hear you resolved ur issue. Did you reload with an older version of zoom? 

I know it was in the apps whether it was older or not I don't know.  I also just downloaded it onto my iPhone backup.


Hi Folks. It works now. I got the following tip from Zoom support:

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the response. I would suggest you to check the Video setting on your Zoom Desktop Client application. Please make sure that you are not selecting "Receiving video" .


When I made this change (you have to go under advanced when you are in video settings to find this), it worked fine. I also then got a message after the fact that there was an update to Zoom, which I installed. I saw in the notes that one of the fixes was for video freezing, so it might also have fixed the problem. Bottom line, is Zoom now works fine. Thanks for checking in.