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speaker problem during a meeting


I frequently use Zoom for religious meetings that have music played by the host.  I cannot hear the music.  Verbal, I can hear.  Even when I test the audio speaker, the sound is very muffled.  The microphone is ok.  All settings are at max.  This is on a new Acer computer with Windows 11 Home.  I have followed all the Zoom speaker music recommendations and it doesn't help.  I've been using a separate tablet for the music.  Any recommendations ?  



I think the host has to enable 'original sound' settings.
By default meeting applications like zoom has a filter, that only pass through 'voice' and mute all other sounds 

The problem is I am the only participant not hearing the music.  We had a video last night, and I could hear the voice audio but not any of the background music that I knew was there.  ???

I have this exact problem Arla. I'm the only one in the Zoom group who cannot hear the music, I can hear voice clearly but not music, can anyone help?

It turned out to be a computer problem.  I don't know what my tech did but he solved it.  It took a while.  He had to get on Zoom with me to believe that I was the only one not hearing the music!

Hi Arla, aha! So it was a problem with your computer rather than Zoom itself? Okay, I'll see what my tech guys can do with it, thanks for replying.

We solved it. Computer  settings for realtek audio

what did you do regarding realtek audio? i have the same problem.

would really appreciate help, thanks

Unfortunately we did not solved it. We thougt we did but No..  so we are still having this issue