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sharing sound of video


I would like the option to share sound when sharing a video to be permanently on. If I share a video, I always need the sound to be on, but usually I have to tick the box once in every meeting. After that it remembers. But an option to always remember would be very useful. Sometimes I forget, and my participants cannot hear anything until one of them unmutes themselves and tells me! Is there any way to do this please? Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey @RicardoVerdi - I'm curious what version of the Zoom client you are on? When I check the box for "optimize for video clip" it automatically checks "share sound" (on version 5.7.4 (898)). You can check for updates from your Zoom App, or at


Can you try updating and let us know if that solves the issue?


Thanks in advance,




Hi David

Thank you. Yes I am using the latest version. But I would like my preference (to always share sound) saved (maybe in my profile or somewhere in settings). At the moment, after I start a meeting, then the first time I share a video I have to remember to check the box. After that, yes it does remember it for the rest of that meeting. But then once the meeting is closed it forgets. It's only a minor thing, but if I forget to check the box, then it's a nuisance that no sound is playing.