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shared screen with speaker view clip issue when uploaded to Imovie


I downloaded our recent webinar, the "shared screen with speaker view" clip, and put it into Imovie. For some reason the host's head is a little cut off in the Imovie version. I do not see this in the Zoom version -- her head is not cut off there. Anyone have experience with how to fix this? And/or insights on why this is happening? Thank you in advance! 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Jmat Welcome to the Zoom Community! I just realized you didn't receive a reply to your post, so I wanted to check in 😊   I have not heard of this particular issue in the past, but perhaps @Rupert you may have some insight? Please let us know if you were able to find a resolution @Jmat, I think other members in the community may benefit as well. 



Zoom Community Team