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my zoom camera not working properly


Hi zoom community,


Since few months ago whenever I try to join zoom meeting invitations or interview invitations I don't see myself on the screen. I click the video on ("Easy Camera"),  but most of the times I can't see myself on the screen and the other party can't see me (it's just black with my name). Sometimes I can see myself and the other party can also see myself, but my face looks pudgy and elongated sideways and the proportion is weird. The color of the screen is greenish too (weird), and the focus is not right because even if I sit by placing the laptop right in front of me in the center, on the screen my face is placed in the edge of the screen and I can onlly see half of my face. 


I tried my laptop webcam by itself outside zoom and it works normally. Does anyone know how to fix my zoom camera problem?



Try turning off Hardware Acceleration.