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mute all on host re-entry to main room


My problem is ruining my Zoom experience.  I set my Zoom to NOT mute Zoom participants on entry.   The last 4 or so times Zoom has done an update, it has started doing this:  If I as host go to a break-out room (which I do often during a day), I and everyone who returns to the main room thereafter is muted on entry.  My mere exiting to a breakout room triggers the "mute all on entry" setting.  It is extremely disruptive because no one - including myself - thinks they will be returning to the main room muted.  Once we frustratingly realize Zoom has instituted this setting on its own, we have to unmute and repeat ourselves, and I must uncheck the 'mute all on entry' feature again.  Then every time I go to a breakout room, it starts all over again.

The first 3 or so times this happened, it corrected itself within a week.  This most recent time it appears here to stay.  How can I stop this??