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iPad Pro Zoom 5.17.2 external USB webcam crashes app


I recently saw that external USB webcam support was enabled in Zoom 5.17.0 and got super excited! Unfortunately I am unable to get this to work in any of the configurations attempted.


My primary setup is using a Blackmagic ATEM Mini with a mirrorless camera. This shows up as a USB webcam and works great in FaceTime and other apps. The iPad is usually connected to a Thunderbolt 4 dock and has an external monitor connected.


When first attempting to launch Zoom 5.17.2 in this configuration the app was stuck in a crash loop during launch. I disconnected everything except for the ATEM Mini connected directly to the iPad. This allowed me to start a meeting, but the app would crash after attempting to switch cameras to the ATEM Mini instead of the iPad’s built-in camera.


This experience has led me to a couple of questions;


  1. Is anyone else running into similar issues on Zoom 5.17.x or later?
  2. What is the expected user workflow to enable external USB webcams? Just have it connected and select switch cameras while in the meeting?
  3. Are there any limitations to this feature with Thunderbolt docks, external displays, etc?


Hoping to figure this out so I can continue to be 100% iPad in my workflow. Zoom external camera support has been the missing experience to make this possible!



Having the same exact experience on an M2 iPad Pro. 

Not fixed as of the most recent release


The iPad Pro Zoom version 5.17.2 is experiencing issues when using an external USB webcam, leading to app crashes. Users have reported a specific problem where attempting to utilize an external USB webcam results in the Zoom application malfunctioning. This issue disrupts the normal functionality of the app and requires attention from Zoom developers to address and resolve the compatibility or stability concerns associated with external USB webcams on iPad Pro devices running version 5.17.2. For more details go here


zoom is not compatible with ipad pro, this app is only for desktop  or mac book, I am realy disappointed after spending 2400 euros on Ipad pro, and zoom is crashing even I am not using web came, just sharing my screen.