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how to avoid verification codes


Our organization has a Pro Zoom account that one of us created. There are several people who will be creating and hosting meetings from our account by all using the same login credentials. We thought that should be possible, but now whenever someone tries to log in who wasn't the original person, they are being asked to submit a verification code with a message about an unrecognized device. The problem is that the verification code goes to the original person who set up the account who may not be a participant in the meeting being scheduled. Is there a way to work around this problem without paying for more authorized users?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sharing an account in this way is against Zoom’s terms of use.


This feature is the MOST FRUSTRATING with Zoom.  I have three different personal PRO Zoom accounts that I use for different purposes.  This problem is not limited to different users, it annoyingly pops up when I log into any of the accounts from a different computer - YET IT'S STILL ME!!!!!  


This function is a total waste of time and doesn't provide me with any real security when I have to keep bouncing back to retrieve an email when I may not have access to my email at that time.  Once again, there are assumptions made that someone is attempting to steal something when all things are not always the case.  


As a side note, I've even gone to the point of adding on an additional user for one of the three accounts for the anticipation that someone may need to log into if I am not available for hosting - how much more legitimate can a person get for this stuff??


Good luck on this madness...