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email address used when setting up meetings


for various reasons I have multiple email addresses besides the one with which I subscribe to Zoom, and I use Outlook for accessing most of them. I recently got a new laptop which uses Windows 11. I realised recently that Outlook was using the wrong default email address and changed it. However, when I try to set up a meeting using Outlook it still defaults to the previous default email address and worse, it still, as it did earlier, refuses to show me any other Outlook/Microsoft Exchange email address, although it happily shows me all the IMAP addresses.

My Outlook default email address is now the one I subscribe to Zoom with but this is not shown and there seems to be no option to add it.

What am I missing here? (everything works very nicely on Windows 10).



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @fjanna I don't have Windows 11 to test this on but are you able to navigate within (or a similar path) MS Outlook > File > Account Settings > Accounts > Email Tab and change the default email to the one you send the email invited for Zoom? 


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