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Zoom hijacks my speaker so I cannot hear any other audio from other sources on my laptop. Is this just a design problem with Zoom? Or is there someway to fix this. For example, I was in a Zoom meeting and I could hear the participants. On a separate monitor, I pulled up Chrome, opened a Utube video, and noticed the video plays fine, but there is not audio. Once I close the Zoom meeting, the audio works fine. This happens regardless of what speaker destination you choose - headphones vs. laptop speakers.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Jory, you should be able to hear in-meeting audio and your external audio at the same time. Have you tried uninstalling/re-installing Zoom or updating to the latest version? I'd also ensure both inputs on Zoom and your content through your browser have access and work through your speaker. 

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hi RN.  I am facing the exact opposite issue: My laptop (Dell Latitude 7320, Windows 10 Pro) plays Youtube and other audio just fine when I am in a Zoom meeting joined with computer audio, or when I have opened audio settings screen.  But as soon as I disconnect computer audio in a meeting, or leave zoom audio settings screen, my laptop stops playing any other audio, be it an MP3 or video in VLC Player or a YouTube video in any browser... all audio stops.  Only system warning "ding" sounds get played where necessary.  It looks like when Zoom closes my audio, it closes for other applications too.  What could be wrong?  


Hi Jory, Just wondering if you found a resolution to your issue, as I am experiencing a similar issue. Tks