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attendee display of chat response. filed of view very narrow.


attendee display of chat response. Field of view very narrow.  I am not able to read it.  I wish to resize the response so that it is horizontal and not vertical.

This is what I see:




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @cherylweinstein,


You should be able to drag the edge of the window to resize it.  Additionally, if you click the three dots in the upper corner of the section where you type you will see an option to merge to your meetings window.  Then you can grab the left edge and resize it left to right as well.


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Replying a second time since I cannot view response from a few minutes ago.

Unfortunately this advice did NOT solve my issue. I do not have a problem with resizing or locating the chat box itself. The problem is the light blue, rounded corner, text box within the chat response box. This area is very narrow and I am not able to read the text in it.


I have the same problem.  For a few weeks now my chat message display 2 characters wide so that I have  to read downwards. Where is the command to change the width, please?  The border did not respond to dragging but the saved chat is perfectly readable.  I  will have to wait until my next Zoom to try Dan's suggestions and/or take a screenshot.