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Zoom will not play shared video music originated from YouTube


I have two laptops. The older Windows 10 laptop plays Zoom perfectly in every respect. My brand new Windows 11 laptop has poor sound and when music is shared from YouTube for example, it is completely distorted. The singer's voice distorts and sometimes fades out while none of the instrumental accompaniment is heard at all.

Help Please!


I returned an Acer laptop for this reason (as well as poor after-sales service) but am now finding exactly the same on an Asus laptop. The common factor appears to be Windows 11. I downloaded Zoom first from the Zoom website and then from the Microsoft store but nothing worked. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

On the Windows 11 machine, when you play music from YouTube without Zoom, does it play correctly? If not, it is not Zoom. If you do hear the music without Zoom, if you are running Zoom and sharing sound, and you hear nothing from YouTube, is there any chance that the YouTube video is getting muted when you share? 

Finally, if you play audio from another video source in Zoom, maybe Vimeo, does that play?

Thank you.



Thank you for your reply.

YouTube plays perfectly on the Windows 11 machine if Zoom is not involved.

I don't think that there is a chance of YouTube getting muted because when a third party shares with me, I receive it perfectly on the Windows 10 machine. On the Windows 11 machine, voices can be heard but distorted but none of the backing music can be heard at all.

I don't know about other sources such as Vimeo. I will give it a try.

Thanks again!



Hi Folks!

The problem seems to be more serious than I imagined. I can share the video picture but not the sound . This happens when I use any two of my computers. I have a Dell desktop computer, an old Acer Aspire laptop and a brand new Asus laptop. I have altered every sound setting on Zoom which I can find but to no avail. I even wondered if it could have something to do with my new super high speed Wifi but I tested the machines on my daughter's Wifi and things were no better. Without some serious help I fear that I am beaten.

Chrismenard7 asked if other platforms worked or not. Vimeo would not share either but thanks for the suggestion.


Hi @ElectronicVin1 welcome to the community! Okay, so when you are sharing your content. I would ensure that the following settings are enabled, as I've had success in the past when sharing video with audio. If you're sharing your screen or desktop on Zoom you have the following options to Enable features, I would ensure that you enable Share SoundScreenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.33.58 AM.png


To control the sound you are sharing directly into the Zoom meeting through share, you must adjust the volume from the application playing the sound or the overall device volume directly. For example, if you play YouTube and share that audio in the meeting, you should adjust the volume on YouTube directly. You can also adjust the overall volume on your device settings, but this will also affect the audio coming out of Zoom. More info within the KB on Sharing background music or computer audio on Zoom

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The problem is the DISTORTION that is happening - not the basic fundamentals. It seems to be AI relatedElectricvin - I have the same 8ssue. Another thread suggested canceling or unchecking the box for audio enhancements




Dear JulieanneLoth,

I just gave up in the end and use the old laptop. The chap who is administrator for the meeting I use is something of an expert on Zoom and he too is beaten. I even wondered if it was my WiFi but I took the new machine to my daughter's house. Same problem persisted. 

Since then, another lady in our Zoom group has renewed her laptop. Same problem that we have. She too has given up and uses her iPhone instead of her laptop. Most unsatisfactory.. I have tried every suggestion I have been given but all to no avail. Well, at least I know that I am not the only one.

ElectronicVin and thanks for your input.



I have the same problem. I'm glad to see your posts here so that I'm not the only one! It all works fine on my old laptop with Windows 10 but not on Windows 11. It's ok when the person is just speaking but not as soon as they start to play music.  I can hear the sound through my laptop but not when I plug in headphones or use a Blue tooth speaker. 

I've tried everything but now I just listen through the laptop speaker - horrible tinny sound! It must be Windows 11 that is the problem. I'm not technical, but I wonder if anyone has talked to Windows (Microsoft) about the problem?

Hi star24,

I agree with you inasmuch as Windows 11 seems to be the common factor here. It’s beginning to look like the Post Office scandal. Slowly, we are discovering that there are more people with the same problem so we are definitely not alone.

Thank you for posting your reply,