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Zoom suddenly fails to launch on my PC Windows 10


I've been using ZOOM for two years, 2-5 times a week, tutoring a student.

Suddenly, ZOOM fails to launch on my PC running Windows10. It's normal on my iPad.


I've repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled the program.  Still won't launch.

I emptied my CHROME cache of cookies and images for all time--still won't launch.

I've opened the <Preferences> file in my USER DATA--there is no <"excluded_schemes">

--so I removed the only <zoommtg> entry that was referring to my zoom sign-on.

--STILL NO ZOOM program launch.


Now what...?



I have same problem, ZOOM fails to launch on windows 10x64. Maybe it happened after the last update. 32bit version is working.

Darn, I cannot figure out how to get the 32-bit version.


You can find the download link of 32-bit zoom client here:

It's right below the "Download" button of the 64-bit zoom client. Or you can just try this:

There is a known issue caused by an OpenSSL bug on 64-bit zoom client 5.16.x on some Windows systems. We've opened a ticket to OpenSSL and the fix is on the way. So if 32-bit zoom client 5.16.10 can solve your issue, please use it as a workaround and wait for our official fix.

Thank you so much! The 64-bit link fixed the problem!


Thank you very much.  The link you provided for the 64 bit worked.  I've spent months fighting with this problem.  Very much appreciate your help.


Oh, maybe I'll try to install that version.



I have been struggling with this same problem since the beginning of October.  I have tried all solutions that are posted without success.  Why can't ANY of them suggest loading an OLDER version of Zoom with instructions on how to do it?  Also, what is this "Zoom Cloud Meetings" crap?  Turns out it appears to be doublespeak for regular Zoom.  So here is a novel idea:

1. Forget the latest version of Zoom.  Uninstall it.

2. Go to

3.  Download a version from the timeframe when your Zoom used to work.


It worked for me.  I would have saved many DAYS of frustration if this was among the suggestions for fixing the problem.


From a regular working stiff who just wants my computer to work.

My goodness, thank you so much.  I had the exact same problem as OP which started the day I installed the 2023-10 Windows 10 update.  I fixed it by uninstalling the latest version of Zoom, then installing Zoom 5.16.1 via  I spent a few hours trying to figure this out!  I don't know why I waited so long to visit this forum.

I also had no idea "Zoom Cloud Meetings" just meant...Zoom.  Lol, obfuscation at its finest.

Thank you so much!
I was getting very frustrated trying many different ways to fix the problem, but this was the only thing that actually worked.

Thank you so much Bruce! I have not used zoom on my desktop for a couple of months. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't start my meeting this morning or even join as a participant.  It has been a frustrating morning. I have spent the last 5 hours trying to fix this problem for another meeting tomorrow morning. After trying many failed fix attempts I came across this form with your suggestion and guess what?  IT WORKED! I agree with your comments and again thank you! 😊 

I also have been trying to get Zoom working on my laptop.  I had been having inperson meetings, so I hadn't used Zoom on it for awhile.  I've uninstalled, installed, cleaned, and restarted my laptop I don't know how many times.  So glad I found this forum!  Thank you BruceP (and others) for taking away my frustration!  I greatly appreciate it!


Now that I know how to fix the problem, it is easier to find out more about the problem.  It appears Zoom version 5.16.X, 64-bit version is broken, at least for some computers.  The 32 bit version reportedly works.  Otherwise uninstall the latest version and download version 5.15.11.


Seems like its much easier to start to use Teams meetings...


We had some success by setting this environment variable
setx OPENSSL_ia32cap ~0x200000200000000