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Zoom stops after few minutes - App shuts down and Chrome browser logs out.



I start a recurring meeting at 9:00 AM. I get around 20 to 30 participants who join pretty much immediately.
My issue: After I host video, if I open up the meeting via Zoom App, the app works for first 25 minutes. Then abruptly, it closes and a pop up appears on the screen to upgrade the account. Then I have to open the Zoom app and immediately join the link and ask participants to the meeting.
If I join via Chrome web browser, then a timer starts immediately after a meeting starts on the top left hand corner. It is a 10 minute count down and after its expiry, the chrome window logs out of Zoom. Then I have to re-login back to Zoom and start the meeting on Chrome.

Can Zoom please help me out? This is causing inconveniences. I have not seen anyone else getting this issue. This is not the idle meeting scenario. The timer starts as soon as I join the meeting.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



I am sorry to hear about your problems.  If they are still occurring, please submit a support request since Zoom would need to investigate your specific situation since it is not something that is being reported by others.