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Zoom on IPad


I joined a meeting in Zoom, and the host hasn’t arrive.  I was waiting and I went to Google Chrome to do my things. But Zoom didn’t notify me that the meeting has started until I return to the Zoom App, which I find annoying because my laptop DOES notify me when the host enters. What can I do about it?



Hi @_ZoomUser_ ,

I'm not aware of a client side setting for controlling notification when the host of a meeting joins it. The behaviour could be the default one on the specific client. Since in the iPad you can control the apps notifications, I recommend you check there the settings for the Zoom app.

You can also enabling sound notifications for meetings on your settings in the Zoom Portal, so that Zoom generates a sound notification whenever someone joins (this is a user setting so applies to your meetings regardless of device).
I'm not sure now if this will make any change for meetings created/scheduled by someone else, that you are joining as a participant, but you can give it a try.

Hope this helps.