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Zoom meetings do not sync with Zoom desktop



I am sure this has been asked before but could find any direct answer.

Why Zoom meetings do not sync to the desktop app?
If I schedule a meeting in the browser then it syncs to my mobile app but not to the desktop app
If I schedule a meeting in the desktop app then it doesn't get synced to either mobile app or browser.


I do not use any google calander, 365 or exchange, all I want is my meetings to sync within Zoom (and that should be by default)


Thanks in advance


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @mburmi ,


I would suggest making sure the Zoom desktop app is up to date. If it is and you are having issue, remove all Zoom files off your computer with cleanzoom.exe from this article restart your computer then reinstall the app from


Hope this helps,