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Zoom is getting more greedy and losing quality!!


Last year I switched to PRO plan to get live support and more than 40 min on the call. The audio quality (which is more important to me than video) had improved.

Now - I logged in to get support on the rapidly decreasing quality of my recordings - only to find out that on the PRO plan I no longer have ANY live support!!


And you of course had no professional decency to ADVISE ME of that via email!  You do this every few months - cut off support on lower tiers to push everyone to the premium plan.


You have made gazillions of dollars during the pandemic, and still do - and yet your capitalistic greed is blinding you with NO consideration for your customers. or your employees. I just saw online that you have laid off 1300 staff !!!


well, sure - get rid of the staff, get rid of the customers - the world is your oyster, which will get very lonely if you keep doing this.


The quality of one of my latest interview recordings  is HORRIBLE! full of hard clicks and noise on  the guest's line. I can;t even remove all of them with my professional DAW they are SO BAD and so deeply embedded in the audio.


What am I PAYING you for??


You are not worth it.


I have submitted a ticket - the ONLY form of support available to me on a PAID PRO PLAN.

You are a disgrace!!


 if you don't give me at least one live support option - I'm leaving you for good and go onto another , professional for a change, platform.