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Zoom is borderline unusable and broken


Hi guys,


Zoom used to work perfectly for me both on browser and the desktop client in the past (~mth ago), but now has becoming extremely slow, the only possible changes are updates either for Windows 11 or for Zoom itself - no changes to hardware or video options etc in that time. 

When I try to join a Zoom meeting the client will take around 10 minutes to actually join, using the browser is faster but it takes around 10-15 minutes for the video to turn on. This is the same for the desktop client. Outside of meetings, just clicking settings in the desktop client takes about 10 minutes to load, and another 10 to load into video settings if it doesn't crash before then. My webcam (logitech C390) works perfectly for every other app I use, but Zoom seemingly has an extremely hard time connecting to it. My hardware is really good:


I am using windows 11 pro, and have Nvidia 1080 ti graphics card.

Consumption of memory, CPU usage, etc for Zoom is negligible.

I have uninstalled the client and reinstalled, made sure it was fully up to date, am completely up to date with Windows updates and all drivers including for the webcam are fully updated.
I have also tried deselecting all the 'hardware acceleration' options in the zoom client for the video and have chosen Direct113D option for video rendering but none of these has made a difference. 

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here?
Extremely frustrating! 



We are experiencing the exact same issue starting today on 2 x Dell XPS15 machines running Windows 11.


Thanks for your reply Luke, that's interesting I wonder if it is to do with a recent windows 11 update then? 


On Windows 11 fully patched Surface Pro with 11th gen Intel i7 adn 16GB, Zoom will consume 10-12GB RAM; once above 11 it tends to die. See attached. I am looking for a solution also. I have uninstalled, etc.