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Zoom iPhone issue


Hi everyone, 

I have been using the Zoom iPhone app for a long time with no issue, until today.

I tried going into two meetings and, although I could get in with no problem, my phone seemed to think that I was the only participant. Therefore, I could not hear anyone. I have tried re-installing the app and restarting the phone, same issue. 

Another, more minor problem I am having, which I don't know if related, is that I am now automatically muted when entering a meeting, whereas I was not before.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening? Any settings I should re-explore?

Thank you!   



I forgot to mention that I have an iPhone 8 and last used Zoom without issue 2 days ago, before updating, so don't know if the update could be the issue somehow.  Thanks again!  

Hi everyone, 

Just a quick update: I had a third Zoom meeting, and it worked fine. I realize that I had not restarted my phone in between the first and second meetings happening. Perhaps this was the issue.

I am still muted by default, but was able to unmute, and actually I realize that issue started earlier this week.