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Zoom basic, no host, all participants left. What happens?


I created a meeting with my Basic account with a random meeting ID so that participants could join the meeting without my presence. What happens when all the participants leave? Will the meeting end, or will it continue until 40 min? I have concurrent meetings, and each meeting duration is 30 min. As I can't specify the time limit on recurring meetings in the basic plan, I wonder if the people joining the second meeting will see the dreaded message saying, "the host has another meeting in progress".


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Raj007 

No need to worry.

The meeting is closed when all meeting participants have left the room.


However, there is a certain time lag between when everyone leaves and when the meeting is closed.
This is done so that the meeting does not end in the event of a temporary network disconnection, and is used by most web conferencing systems.