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Zoom Video panel obscures PowerPoint slides when played back


I am teaching a class and I am using PowerPoint 2021 in presentation mode for my class in Zoom 5.13.11.

The students download the video and play them back to better take notes.

The issue: The video partially obscures the presentation when played back.


I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.  My Zoom settings are: I share screen. I select advance settings. I select a “portion of screen”, click on share sound, and optimize for video clip.

My Surface Pro 6 is connected to the classroom’s large monitor/tv.

Since my Surface Pro has only a 13-inch screen and the video panel will block my viewing of my screen and notes, my portion screen is transferred to the larger monitor.  Outside the border of the Zoom recording area, I place my video panel.

I record in the cloud for the students.


I expect the recording to come back with the PowerPoint presentation in full view with the video panel outside the presentation slides located to the right. 

Instead, I see the video panel on top of the slides in the right-hand corner.


I would appreciate if anyone can tell me how to place the video panel outside the presentation area of my slides whenever I play back the Zoom recording.


Thanks in advance,