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Zoom/JW Library unwanted screen minimising




I have been experiencing the following issue when screen sharing on Zoom: I use two monitors, one set up with JW Library and Zoom and the other with the second screen for JW Library enabled (with the yeartext/media playing). When I go to share that second screen, it automatically minimises. I can bring it back up by clicking the window in the taskbar. The same thing happens when I stop screen sharing. It's not the end of the world, just inconvenient. Anyone know how to fix this?



We are also having this issue. It is very inconvenient. Has anyone found a solution?


Hello, recently this problem has gone away for us. The change we made was getting a new modem. I don't know if it was just coincidence or if the issue was the modem to begin with, but I hope that helps


Has this been fixed yet? As we are having the same issue. Some have stated that this is a new issue since teh latest update but we have been having this issue for about a year.

So I replied to this earlier, but when we got a new modem it solved it for us. I don't know if that works for y'all, but we didn't change anything else as far as I could tell. If your settings are like the branch suggests then you might try that. 

Yeah that is not the issue. We have replaced the modem and have not seen any improvement. I have tried all the work arounds that have been mentioned in all the forums that I can find and none work.