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Zoom ID and password


I am wondering how to send my Zoom ID and password for a meeting in enough time for people to enter.  I can't send until 5 minutes before the meeting starts. If I don't get someone coming in within 10 minutes the ID becomes invalid.  I am teaching with Zoom.


I also volunteer with an organization in the US that sends the valid ID as much as a week ahead of meetings. The ID is still valid on the day of the Organization's meeting.



Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
In the navigation panel, click Account Management then Account Settings.
Click the Meeting tab.
Under Security, verify that Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join is enabled.

That is my issue.  I could fix all of this as an Admin. But you must have to PAY to be an Admin. I am not being allowed to switch to Admin as a Free user

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Lynne726 just to note with Meeting IDs expiring. A scheduled, non-recurring meeting ID (also known as a one-time meeting ID) will expire 30 days after the scheduled date. If you restart the same meeting ID within the 30 days, it will remain valid for another 30 days.


I also agree with leveraging @Jameswalter's reply of embedding passcode in invite link; therefore, your partipants when clicking on the link from your invitation will not have to be required to also enter the meeting passcode. 


Im curious though, how are you Inviting others to join a meeting? Are you using calendar integration (such as google/outlook) or just copying the meeting details, sending the invites via email? 

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