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Zoom Audio - recording audio without screen capture gives only left channel.


Scenario: I want to send out stereo audio to an audience using my Focus 4Pre Thunderbolt audio interface while NOT doing a screen capture.


  • I have a stereo audio feed coming into channels 1/2.  I want this to be my 'stereo mic' and be recognized as such by zoom. 
  • My 4pre is set as Microphone in the meeting as well as output
  • I have enabled all the pre-requisities for pro audio sounds on the zoom site.
  • I have set original sound on specifying my 4pre as the mic
  • I'm not doing a screen share with all the features of audio there. 

When I test the microphone from the menu before and during the  meeting and also recording I hear audio in both sides of my headphones. After recording the video is completed and the meeting ende and then listening to it I only hear the left channel of audio. 


Is this by intention or is there some other setting I'm missing?