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Zoom App on iPad


Hello Zoom colleagues,

I have a problem while using Zoom App on my iPad Pro 12. Why can’t I turn down volume completely during the meeting? Is there a problem with the App or any related software? Is there anyone experiencing the same problem like mine?



Hi @RichK0506 


This is a limitation in the mobile app. It seems like a security feature.


You can turn the volume almost all the way down, but not off completely.


You can "Leave Audio" or Disconnect Audio though. That will disconnect audio (speaker and microphone) from the meeting (but that will be evident to the Host and other Participants - in case that is an issue).




Thanks Mr. Rupert for your answer. However, it doesn’t really solve my current issue. My main purpose to turn down the volume completely is because when I was having the same meeting session with my colleagues and one of them started speaking, the rest of the participant in the same room wanted to turn down the volume to zero to help reduce the disturbing echo cause by the speaker. If I turn off the audio, it would be impolite and does not fit the purpose of the participation. I don’t think it is that hard just to fix the app. Limitation of volume should be decided by the users.

Thank you!


Zoom does not work well on ipad 6. People can not hear me speak.  in privacy under settings then microphone Zoom is not even listed. Have deleted app and reloaded. I just do not think Ipad supports all features of Zoom.  Very frustrating that there is not a way to get a hold of cuatomere service if you have the free version of zoom.