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Zoom API Get meeting participant reports


Hi, I am trying to fetch the Zoom Meeting participant report via API… and it is sending me only 5 live Participants out of a Total of 1346 Registrants…
Screenshot of Report Via API Call => (upload://5ifeDIs0ftmjQVlYWhhM7O87HGh.png)

however, when I went into the report section… and tried to fetch the same details of the same meeting
from Reports > Usage Report > Active Host
Screenshot of Report Fetched From Report Section =>(upload://pkNrx76feWEh5rTHvat3kUW0L2Q.png)

over there it is showing me Participants: 896
i am not able to understand why it is sending me the same data via API

Also VIA API Call Get Meeting Details, it is showing Duration of the meeting as 20 minutes
below is the screenshot of the same