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ZOOM MEETING with interpreter




We had a meeting this morning and invited a person as interpreter (see attachment).


But despite the correct invitation she was only able to participate to the meeting as a "normal participant".

She tried to log out and in again but nothing changed. We did not know why she was not in the meeting as intepreter or what to do to change the situation.


What should have I or she have done to make it work?

Is there any additional action that has to be performed and if yes, is it the host of the meeting or the interpreter self that has to do something?


I much appreciate if someone can help me with this!





JIM79, two issues here:


1.  the host can give the role of the Interpreter to any of the participants of the meeting using the assign Interpreter function.

2. If you define a zoom user to be in Interpreter in a meeting when you are scheduling the meeting, then that person needs to be logged into his/her Zoom Client account on the device he/she is using. Only then will the Zoom APP be able to identify and authenticate the users as the defined Interpreter.

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