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Why I can't select HD video option anymore in video settings?


I think after some updates on Zoom app, now I can't access the HD video option in Zoom video settings, that make the video image sent from my webcame become not so good anymore. My webcam can sent up to 4.9 Megapixel on windows Camera app (2560x1920) and can capture up to 1440p resolution. The HD option supposed to work, but somehow now I can't check the HD option on video settings. Anyone know how to fix it?



Was a solution found to this? I am having the same problem! The HD option is grayed out.


I am very dissapointed because I do have the same problem. I have the Zoom license: Zoom One Pro. And the HD option is grayed out. This means that I cannot record my live yogaclasses in HD. This is such a shame! I have read that so far the HD feature is only for Business and Business pro. But what kind of nonsense is this. I am an independent business owner. I have enough with Zoom one Pro. So why doesn't Zoom offer this as an additional option this you can buy with it monthly? I hope Zoom will answer this terrible problem!