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While recording, how to display gallery view (2+ heads) while screensharing?


Hello zoombies,


I have researched this topic and played with options for hours, with no solution. I am recording to the cloud, and have selected all the different recording options within Zoom, none have worked thus far. Hoping someone has the answer to this one!


I do two person podcasts, and we often screenshare. While screensharing, it would be ideal to have the thumbnails of both people on the call visible in that right portion of the screen. This is how it appears as we record live, but the cloud recordings only show the 1 active speaker at a time.


Does anyone know the solution? I will be eternally grateful. Thanks!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hmmm, have you tried using Pin Video and/or record locally to your machine?  I believe with the Spotlight feature, at least 3 participants need to have a camera on, while with Pin, only 2 need to have a camera on.


Local recording -


Pin Video -


I'd run a couple test recordings too if possible.




Hi KJH, thanks for adding on.


I've tried pinning with 2 participants, but that doesn't work unfortunately. And tested different combinations of the pin, to no avail.


Local recordings will work, but I prefer the cloud recordings. Less reliant recording to my computer, which could fail more easily. And the cloud recordings provide multiple views, such as Gallery, Speaker, and combinations with the screenshare.


Suppose I will just work around the limitation.