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Waiting Room message


I have several recurring meetings set up and would like to customize the message that appears in each waiting room.  However, if I set up the message in Settings, it creates the same message in every meeting with a waiting room.  Is there a way to create different messages for different waiting rooms?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Mac_Esquire 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize every individual waiting room message. You would need to edit it before each session to customize it. 

Thank you for the response.  Disappointing; I would think this would not be an unusual need for users.

I share the same situation and the same need. So here is another vote for that functionality.


I agree, we need more flexibility to create welcome messages for people joining the waiting room.  There are a host of situations in which I need to let people know as they enter (i.e., not when they are already waiting) about meeting status. 


@rsmacleod in your Zoom web portal under "Meeting\Security\Waiting Room Options" you have the option Allow participants in the waiting room to reply to host and co-hosts, this is very useful to us when we want to update the participants on their upcoming meeting they are waiting for.
I do agree there should be more customize options, I'd like to add meeting start time or a count down timer to start.