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Wait for host to start meeting-I am the host: I'm signed in.


I use Zoom as my default when allowing others to schedule appointments via Hubspot.

Just now, I was unable to join a meeting that was scheduled, despite being signed into Zoom and also being the host. Multiple attempts were made to make this meeting happen. Zoom would not recognise me as the host.

Within the Zoom app (PC), when I look at the MEETING that is booked/planned - this event was not in that schedule, despite the event being logged/booked in my Google Calendar.
This happens too often.

Any ideas on the cause and solutions?




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner




I understand that you have the integrated and authorized hubspot application in zoom and also with google calendar, right?


Can you verify that the zoom hubspot integration credentials are with your zoom user?

Once verified, can you sync again from zoom to import the scheduled events from your calendar?



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