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Video function


After the latest update (2 days ago), which I was forced to do, my video function is now really poor. It often freezes during meetings or breaks up and turns green. This did not happen before this latest update. Has anyone experienced this or knows what to do to fix it?



I noticed that on two different Zoom meetings that I hosted.  My video was fine but several of the participants, who also had updated their client, experienced video breakup and freezing.  We thought maybe it was an outage with their internet in that part of town, however they aren't exactly in the same area.  When video is fidgety, the best case is to either reboot and if it still occurs, to disable the video feature and just use audio.  But if it is an update related thing, yes, Zoom should look into it.  But will they?

Thank you for your reply!! Zoom will not look into it because the package a pay for monthly does not include support. Unfortunately, I also teach English as a foreign language using Zoom. My whole business relies on it and so do my students so if I can't fix the problem, I will lose students / customers. I am interviewing a new student tomorrow and I am sure they will show no interest once they see my frozen / jittery screen 😞



i am also having the same problem. Contact zoom waiting for their reply. it's so annoying and happened after the  update  


Found this post. I have made these changes and so far so good.


I had to go into the video settings & change 2 things:

1) Change the "Adjust for low light" from Auto to "manual"

2) Click the "Advanced" (in video settings still), and uncheck the "Optimize quality of the video/send with de-noise"


So far so good, it has been a fix for me, hope this helps you too!!


i had same issue...this works perfectly..thank u