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Unable to find locally recorded meetings


I have a new laptop that I recently installed Zoom on. I just had 2 meetings with my professor that she hosted. I recorded both meetings (hit Record, she gave permission), but I received no message about converting my recording. When I go to my Documents\Zoom folder I can see previous recordings in OneDrive from my old laptop. But there is nothing from my new laptop. I also confirmed my file location in Settings - C:\Users\...\OneDrive\Documents\Zoom


What happened to my recordings?



Did you maybe record them to the cloud instead? Those don't require encoding on your computer. 

You can find them here, once you've logged in:

Cloud recordings only exist for paid customers, I believe.

I did check there, under Local, but there is nothing.


It seems like it didn't record, and I have no idea why. Am I going to have the same problem in the future?

This is VERY frustrating and makes me not trust Zoom (unless there is something obvious that I am doing wrong).


Thanks @Froyd 

Did you hit record again after they granted you access? 
Do you remember seeing the recording banner? 



No, I don't.

But I did it twice. My professor only has the 40-minute free option. So we did that, got bounced, and started again. I hit record and she accepted (I remember seeing that she accepted). Am I supposed to hit record again after that?