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Unable to download meeting recording files from Cloud recording link




I recorded a meeting on the cloud, then shared a link with the passcode with the participants, and they were able to view it online, but they also wanted to download the files of the recording, but the download started and stalled at 1% before timing out. This was an issue both for the meeting participants and myself, if viewing it through the link. Any idea what might be causing this? I checked the recording sharing settings on my Zoom account and it is enabled for downloading for anyone viewing the recording. 


I was later able to download the files from the Recordings section on my account and share the files in a different way, but this is obviously not ideal, as it requires the use of WeTransfer or a shared folder I can access. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! 



On the recording page, click the Download button.
Note: If accessing the recording as an admin, downloading cloud recordings is not an option.


J Wick