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The same person has trouble being heard when multiple people are unmuted.


We have a meeting every week with about 20 participants. One person has issues being heard when other people are unmuted. I will outline the problem and our attempt to solve it. I hope there might be some setting in Zoom that might help.


During the first part of the meeting everyone is muted except one speaker. That works find for all speakers.

In the second part of the meeting is discussion where participants can unmute and participate.

This works for everybody except one. This person (person 1) can be heard well until someone talks. It seems that person 1 can not be heard or her volume is greatly reduced.

Normally person 1 is using a Apple computer with Airbuds. However, last week she was at our house and used a Thinkpad using Windows 10. We used the builtin camera and mic. We had two users on this computer, person 1 and person 2. Person 2 had no issues during the discussion. Person 2 had the same issue that she did when using her Apple/Airpods when she was at home.

Person 1 is 89 years old and her voice gravely but not faint or quiet. That is the only difference I can think of.


Does anyone have any suggestions about settings in Zoom that we could try to improve this issue.


Thanks for your help,