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The 'End' button is misleading for hosts


I'd love to know if anyone out there in ZoomLand agrees with me...


When hosting a meeting, you see the option of 'End' but if you don't want to 'End' the meeting, but you need to leave (especially for LARGE or very important meetings) it is very very scary for the Host to click 'End' when all they want to do is 'Leave' and assign the host priviledge to another participant!


I suggest that for all Hosts, a 'Leave' button is added next to the 'End' button so that hosts can click the 'Leave' button instead of 'End' so they know they won't accidently 'End' a very important or LARGE meeting - which could be a career ending move!!


If you agree I'd love to know!



Our SOP is for the host to make someone else the host before leaving the meeting.  We then avoid this situation.  Thanks