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Streaming Zoom Audio Through iPhone to Television with Adapter


Hey, I hope everyone here is well. I have an iPhone and would like to use it to stream Zoom meetings through my television. I am using this particularly for online church, because one of my older relatives can't hear the audio just through the phone, and would be able to hear it much better if I could stream the audio through the tv. I have used an adapter to hook the iPhone through to the television and the picture comes through clearly, but there is no audio through the tv. I do have a television with HDMI ports which allows me to plug the adapter in, but I do not have a smart tv and cannot download apps to the tv, and my Roku won't allow me to download Zoom to the Roku either. If I play the same meetings over Facebook live I get the audio. And if I do the Zoom meeting through my laptop, if I click on the up arrow that exists where the Mute button is then I can switch the audio settings to  my television- but phones are just so much more portable, and I always have my phone with me, but I might not always have my laptop with me. But no such option exists on the Mute button or anywhere that I can find where you can do that for the iPhone over Zoom meetings. So I am asking, besides mirroring which I can't do, because I though I do have a fairly up-to-date tv, but not a Smart TV, what can I do to get the audio through my iPhone on Zoom to my television? I would really really appreciate your help with this.