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Stereo recording PLEASE!


Please, please, please allow stereo recording of meetings. PLEASE! I'm sure Zoom is aware that at least tens, if not hundreds of thousands of musicians use Zoom; stereo sound for music is crucial. This is 2022 ... we can send robots to Mars, why can't we record Zoom meetings in stereo? Thanks.



I cannot agree more! Voice sounds like an aluminum tin!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @DoctoraMaru @frednow ! I just realized you didn't receive a reply to your post. Please check out the following knowledge base article and let me know if it helps 🙂 Enabling stereo audio . 

I think this might be what you both are looking for. 


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Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Thanks for your reply, Carla. However, I don’t think you understand the request: stereo sound when recording a Zoom meeting.


 From the article you linked to:


Recordings and the Zoom mobile app don't support stereo audio (audio will be mono).”


I already know how to enable stereo sound in the meeting; I want to be able to record stereo sound as well. 

In another post i have read that it is not allowed in Zoom to record stereo. You can listen stereo but not to record.  Anyway you are lucky , i cannot ever make my music listened in stereo for my students: it is in mono and of low quality

Enrico, in order to play music in stereo for your students, choose:

Share Screen > Advanced > Computer Audio and then click the tiny downward-pointing caret to the right where you'll find a choice of Mono or Stereo (High-fidelity)

Then click Share in bottom right corner.

To get the audio recording in stereo I use a separate app (Audacity) to record the audio, selecting Speakers (loopback) as the  Recording Device.  This recording is stereo, unlike the Zoom recording which is still mono.

So, you have audacity running in the background at the same time you are in a zoom meeting and it saves to the computer and/or within the app?  Will this work with either Quicktime or GarageBand, as well? (I have Audacity, just not as familiar with it.) 


Also, thank you for letting me know that Zoom is only mono. I've gone crazy trying to re-do settings thinking it will help. It hasn't. I'm guessing it's still the same now in July as it was in March when you wrote this. 

Correct.  With Audacity, you have the option to select your input device, and you must choose Speakers loopback, that is, your recording source is the Zoom output to the speakers.  I don't know if there is an equivalent setting for Quicktime and/or GarageBand, but you can easily install Audacity, which is very simple to use.  It is really insane that Zoom uses all the resources required to give you stereo output but it fails to record it as stereo.