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SpotlSpotlight in breakout


Hello there please I have been trying to spotlight in zoom breakout rooms but that feature doesn't seem to work even though I'm a cohost is that feature available or it's a setting I've messed with 



Spotlight is not available in Breakout Rooms.


If you need to show just one person, you can have everyone else Mute their video (and have hide non video participants enabled).  You will be left with just one person on screen.

Is it difficult to add that as a feature?

@Rupert Just trying to keep this thread going, as this feature would be a game changer for many zoom meetings to come. Better to get this added in sooner rather than later while people still really need it, would be a shame to miss out in this opportunity 


Thank you!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I encourage you to visit our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!

Thanks.. I posted in Zoom Feeback Forum


Is this the only option available because I have a session of people who will be using sign language that is no sound so I should be able to spotlight who is signing a specific time and it's a discussion so the rest can't have their videos off

I have the same issue.  I host an ASL group in a breakout room regularly.  They all have their audio turned off, but need their video on.  When someone new signs we need to spotlight them so that all can see that person.  Can the spotlight feature be turned on for breakout rooms?

Hi, same problem here. Regular Meetings with a group of deaf people - no Audio available. Spotlight-Option in Breakout-Rooms would be an amazing option especially for deaf groups. @Rupert I know some more Users with this issue. How many feedbacks are needed to initiate the adding of this feature? : )  : ) : ) Thanks and greetings 


I also work with deaf people, and for those that do not use audio, especially if using a phone, they have no way to visually activate themselves like people that use audio do.  Also for regular users that connect with a phone, it would be really useful to be able to control what person is being highlighted so that someone making noise or background noise doesn't move automatically from person to person  if that person should be the highlighted speaker.


I searched and found this forum to see that I am not alone here.. It is very much appreciated that if zoom could include spotlight ( if possible Multiple Spotlight like in main room)  for Break out rooms by the next update 😀


I too am part of a group of over 7 million people who conduct meetings where up to 2 participants at a time deliver demonstrations in break out rooms. Spotlighting feature in break out rooms would be very much appreciated!