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Sound and mic keeps auto muting itself


For soom reason when I am in the Zoom app, my sound and mic keeps auto muting itself when I am on a call with more than two people. It happens all the time when I am presenting which is very unprofessional.


I have been n a few forums looking for resolution and noticed that it happens with HP computer but only whie using Zoom. This does not happen with any other conferencing service. No one has seem to find a resolution and it looks like no one has brought this issue to the Zoom forum so I am hoping to find resolution here. Please help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @rtbrown12 , lets start by testing your audio connection:

If you are on Windows 10 and can't access the microphone, use the Windows search box to navigate to Microphone privacy settings. Switch on the Allow apps to access your microphone toggle, and enable access for Zoom. Additionally, please ensure Zoom is not muted in your Volume mixer and that your speaker/microphone drivers have been updated.

You can also try testing your speaker and microphone in other applications to see if the issue is specifically with Zoom or the device you are using.


Keep me updated and let me know if that helps!

Zoom Community Team 


My Zoom has just started to do the exact same in the last week - from my MAc. I've gone through all the setting and checked audio and I can't seem to fix. Works fine for the first few minutes and then randomly I head 'muted' in my ear phones.


Not sure why - any ideas?


Same issue here. Patterns seems to occur when I end a Teams meeting, then go to Zoom: 

- My audio will work in Teams  when I unmute

- Once I end Teams (even quitting it) and join Zoom, my mic input level is suddenly auto-set to 0 (even while my "Mute" button shows unmuted)


Vice versa also happens:

- Mic works in Zoom (after clicking my "volume" icon (at top right on a Mac), opening sound preferences, and adjusting Input level -- or if needed also adjusting Mic source to indicate my headphones)

- But once I go to Teams, the mic input defaults back to 0


I am on a team of 15 where others have the same challenge. Hope Zoom Community Team can help!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Katamey @Rob_T ! Thank you for your contributions to the Community. 


Things to consider:

1. Are you up to date on the Zoom Client? Update Zoom Client 

2. What happens when you test with a different microphone?


Keep me updated! 


Hi Carla,


I've been using Sennheiser Momentum 3 headphones since 2019, they work fine with all meeting tools except with Zoom, the problem is the same as others mentioned i.e. auto mute (and some auto unmute). I also have Apple AirPods (2nd Gen), they work fine with Zoom. It's not a new problem, and no update has ever solved it. It has been more than 3 years and now I'm thinking about moving away from Zoom.


What you need to understand is that problem is not with our headphones or computer system or configuration. The problem is with the Zoom application and it needs to be fixed by the Devs. 

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @zee-pk , thank you for your contribution to the community! I understand your frustration and can see how this is affecting your work. I encourage you to submit a support ticket with our tech team so that you may receive updates on this issue if it has been persistent on your end. Submit Support Ticket



Zoom Community Team 

This is 3 months old and my problem started in October as soon as I tried to use my new skokz headset.  Has this been addressed?


It's happening to me too using MacbookPro MacOS Monterey, and using aftershockz opencomm, while in meetings, the headphone automatically gets muted, only happen while using zoom (I can confirm I'm not having this issue in other platforms) I've tried tinkering with audio settings: turning on and off auto volume, sync buttons on headset, and the issue keeps happening. When I switch to another mic input, it unmute my headset, but when changing mic input back to the headset, it automute after a period of time. 


Also, the problem is that zoom sends sort of a mute "signal" to the headset only, because in the software side, I can press the unmute button and it shows the unmute icon, but there is no input signal

I have the exact same issue with my afterschokz -- i've diagnosed the problem and had it fixed for awhile but now it has resurfaced.


Issue - some microphones have an internal mute mechanism that triggers when the "Audio Input Level" for microphone gets too low. With "automatically adjust microphone volume" this happened to me all the time. You could unmute using the unmute command on the aftershokz and then it would happen again. In Software, the trick is in settings->audio->microphone to turn off "automatically adjust microphone volume" and set it where you want it and good to go.


however TODAY even with that unchecked my input volume gets lowered as I talk louder and eventually it crosses the threshold and the microphone mutes.


ZOOM: there's a bug here where you aren't honoring the selection that happened in a recent update (I'm running 5.12.3 (11845) on a Mac Pro M1 Max chip.


Airpods don't have the internal mute mechanism so it's not an issue -- please advise or escalate to Zoom eng.


I fixed this by completely closing down Teams. I noticed that my microphone was being used by Zoom and Teams simultaneously (even though I was not on a Teams call at the moment). I used task manager to end the Teams session running in the background, and it fixed the microphone issue in Zoom. 


Hope this helps!

Nailed the issue.  Teams development issue.  As soon as I killed Teams via the Task Manager, zoom worked fine.  Could restart Teams and it continued to work fine, but I expect it to fail, after my next Teams meeting.

Wish the company didn't use Teams and just went 100% with Zoom.

Thanks! This was the fix for me - close teams (Hint: Check your system tray - it may be running in the background and you haven't noticed it.)

@Zoom - Note I did NOT have this issue, even with Teams running, when I used a plug in headset (1/8" plug headset), just with my Bluetooth Plantronics headset.   To make this issue go away with the Plantronics wireless headset I had to close Teams and then it worked okay.


Experiencing the same issue ... M2 MacBook.  Only on zoom, mic automatically mutes.  I then unmute via volume buttons, the voice says mute is off but then it auto-mutes shortly thereafter.  I solved the problem today by ripping the headset off my head, throwing it at my door and putting in my AirPods.