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Smooth start for Powerpoint presentations




I am making a Powerpoint presentation. I start the presentation in Powerpoint, then use Win-Tab to switch to the zoom call. Then i hit Present, and click the presentation window. 


So i want to make sure that when i click, something happens. I find that sometimes i have to click in the window once, and nothing happens, and sometimes i click and first animation runs. This is crucial for animations, and also for anyone without animations, but want to smoothly go to the next slide without an odd pause while you click again.


I need a way to ensure that my animation runs when i want it to: always on the first click or the second click. 


It seems that this method is reliable, but i have to wait:

*Bring up the control bar by moving the cursor to the top of the window

*click once anywhere on the presentation: nothing happens

*next click: first animation


This works but there is an unwanted pause while i wait for the bar to come up.


Any ideas?







Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Cosmotion 


When you Win-Tab to go back to your PowerPoint, do you see your presentation window (just slides) and your Screen Share window (with controls) separately?


If you do, try choosing your presentation window (rather than your Screen Share window) and see if your presentation will recognize your first-click more reliability that way. 


You can also try using Alt-Tab (instead of Win-Tab) to switch between last/current window. You can press Alt+Tab and release to simply return to your last app. That might help.