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Screen sharing in landscape mode outputs 1 fps only


I'm not sure if it's becaue I'm on win 11 or not, but if I share any content on my secondary screen, which is in portrait mode, it outputs 1 fps. Doesent matter which setting I use (no limit, hardware, optimize for video etc.). But as soon I move the content to my main screen in landcape mode, it works perfectly.


Both screens are running in 75 Hz without any issues. Everything is up to date and the computer is no potato.



Zoom Moderator

Hey @zadaskar, can you share the GPU your computer currently has? Is it integrated or a graphics card? I am leaning towards the processing power of your GPU on a two-monitor setup running Zoom and sharing content. Do you have any other applications running while in a Zoom meeting? If so, I'd suggest closing those out and only having Zoom running and see if that helps. You can try to lower the resolution on your 2nd monitor that's in portrait mode may be to 720p to see if your FPS increases? And assuming you've tried checking the use hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing and that made no difference? 


Looking forward to your reply! 

Hope this helps! If it did, don't forget to click the accept as solution button! ⤵️

Hi @RN  !

Thank you for replying. I've tested with or without hardware acc and see no difference. Same for optimize video on the screen in portrait mode. No fps limits activated.
Optimize for video is really visual on the other screen in landscape mode. In that case the resolution is lower and the video more fluid. Buf for the portrait screen it is still full res and 1 fps with that setting on.
If I change settings to landscape on the standing screen the sharing works ~25fps.
Even if I just drag the content to the landscape screen and resumes sharing it outputs from 1 fps, to solid 25 fps. So that seems to be an issue in Zoom.

My specs are:
Win 11 (latest updates)
i5 10400F
Geforce 1660 Ti (latest drivers, but issues in Zoom is there on other versions too)
1TB M2 + 250 GB M2 Booth with lots of free space
16 GB DDR4

DISM and FSC without any issues.
Zoom uses a few percent of my system resources. No other heavy apps in the background. 

I forgot; fiber connection via lan to router. 250 mbit.