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Screen share for individual Breakout Rooms?


I will be participating in a Zoom multi-vendor event in a couple weeks, where each vendor will be in a breakout room and guests can jump from vendor to vendor (or breakout room to breakout room) to interact with us and view our products.  We were wondering if it's possible for the vendors, who will all be host/co-hosts, to share their screens within their individual breakout rooms.  If so, will that interfere with the other breakout rooms?





did you find the answer to this question one your own or through experience? I'm interested in doing a similar thing

Hi, Michael!  Yes, I learned thru experience that it is possible to screenshare in your individual breakout room without interfering with the other participants in the other breakout rooms. 


Hi! What settings did you engage to set this up? I thought i had it all set for a young writers workshop so each room could do their own screenshare but when we tried it all fell apart lol Thanks in advance for your time and help!

If I remember correctly, the host made each of us hosts/cohosts which then gave us the ability to screenshare in our breakout rooms without interrupting the others.  I would need to ask her if there was a special setting she had to select to allow us to do that in addition to making us hosts/cohosts.  


I do remember that we did a practice session a week before our event but when it came time to do the actual event, the settings had defaulted back to the original settings.  There was no way for her to save them.  So she had to go thru and redo the rooms and host/cohost assignments.